Saturday 17 January 2015

Unique Valentines Gifts

Unique Valentines Gift Ideas

It’s not long now until Valentines day.  And it’s definitely the marmite date of all the events celebrated throughout the year!  It’s the one day in the calendar that’s guaranteed polarise opinion!  Understandably, some single people hate the occasion, whether that be because it reminds them of their single status, or because they hate the idea that romance is just focused on one day in the whole year!  Couples seem to either fall into two categories, ones who don’t mark the occasion, and the others who go all out and do the whole gift giving and romantic meal!

I personally love it, but I guess that’s because I have a lovely husband who likes to spoil me!  I always get the ‘traditional’ valentines presents of chocolate and flowers.  But he also always gets me a special present too that is more meaningful.

And I know that there are plenty of men (and women) out there just like my husband, as our papercuts are always popular valentines gifts.  They are the perfect present if you want something a little more personalised or special.  And this year, I’ve had the privilege of creating a very special paper cut indeed, it’s for a wedding proposal, how amazing is that?!  I’m hoping that she says yes (only 4 more weeks to go until I find out!)

Romantic message / lyric papercut

unique valentines gift

A romantic papercut design personalised to incorporate a special message, or song lyric. This heartfelt design lends itself as an ideal valentines gift to tell that special someone how much you really love them.

Love Portrait, Valentines gift

Valentines photo portrait selfie

This detailed paper art is an ideal romantic present for that special someone in your life. The portrait illustration is a direct likeness of a personal photo, making it the complete personalised Valentines present. The example shown above is a selfie of a loving couple on their holiday.

The Kiss, Valentines papercut

What can be more romantic than this papercut named ‘the kiss’. This perfect unique Valentines gift idea can be personalise with any message to make it even more unique, for that special someone in you life.

Love tree papercut

love birds personalised first anniversary papercutting

One of our originals and still a favourite is the ‘Love Tree’ papercut. This is a unique take on a classic love bird theme, lending itself well to a romantic gift for that special someone. You can personalise it with any names or words, and we can even etch a first date in the trunck of the tree.

The above framed papercuts are available in our Paper Petal shop, or we welcome custom design requests if you would like to contact us on our craft website.