Tuesday 15 July 2014

Peter Pan Papercut Collection

Never grow up

Peter Pan is the much loved story of a boy who never grows up.  Adored and admired by many (especially me!).  I used to spend my childhood dreaming of Peter Pan adventures, flying to the mystical world of Neverland.  As I’m a big fan of the story, I decided to design and cut a collection of Peter Pan scenes to remind me of those childhood memories.

Come with me where dreams are born

This lovely starry night scene whisks you away to the memories of Neverland. The phrase within the scene is "So come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned. Just think of happy things and the heart with grow on wings forever in our neverland" Phrase can be personalised.

Neverland papercut

Flight to Neverland

This magical Peter Pan papercutting scene includes Peter tempting Wendy to fly with him to a mystical, magical world that exists within a star, named Neverland.

Peter Pan Papercut, flight to Neverland

Never Grow Up

Here we have a layered shadowbox papercut scene with the foreground encorporating Captain Hook battling with Peter Pan in Neverland. Captian hooks pirate ship sails on the sea with palm trees and the phrase 'never grow up' in the foreground. This Peter Pan piece is a template for budding crafters to cut themselves and mount it in a box frame using foam board to create the depth between the two layers. You can even add stars to the background and enclose a led light in the frame if your feeling super adventurous :)

Peter Pan Shadowbox Papercut Template

Peter Pan's Escape

For my second Peter Pan paper cut, I focused on the Darling children and Peter, flying away from the crooked Captain Hook.  In the paper cut, Hook is confronted by a creepy crocodile, and battles with him on a collection of rocks, whilst Peter Pan makes his escape.  The background of the design, shows Captain Hook’s ship in the water, as well as magical swirls of stars flowing from the flying characters.

London Peter Pan papercut

The Fierce Battle

The third Peter Pan design I created, is set on the island of Neverland, where a fierce battle commences. This Peter Pan papercut scene is filled with action as Captain Hook fends off Peter and a Crocodile, whilst Wendy and Tinkerbell watch with fright.  The background of this scene shows a cliff face of the island with jagged rock below, and a cloudy night, with a moon in the sky. In this deign, I focused on the detail of the characters, by using miniature cuts to emphasis the key features of each character.

Peter Pan Captain Hook battle papercut

“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” 

Grab a unique piece of art to reminisce those childhood memories, or create a custom papercut, designed, personalised and unique just for you.